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One thought on Atlanta United sinking in Columbus

It was the rain.

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Columbus Crew SC Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta United’s winless start to the MLS season was extended to four with a 2-0 loss on a miserable and stormy night in Columbus. The Crew grabbed two goals. The Five Stripes grabbed none. Here is one main thought on a joke of a match:

It was the rain

Everyone loves a good excuse. Why face reality when you can pawn the reason for something off on an outside force to make yourself feel better? Atlanta United didn’t lose against the Columbus Crew because they weren’t good enough. They clearly lost because of the rain. The rain caused the ball to bounce one way and not the other. The water-logged field caused the Crew to finish their chances and Atlanta to miss theirs. The hilarious and dangerous playing conditions caused Frank de Boer to not win a league game since October 2016, when Inter Milan beat a Torino team that had Josef Martinez on the bench. The team will use the weather as an excuse to not address why they haven’t won in MLS in four tries. They’ll use it as an excuse for why they’re dead last in the East after a month of play. The manager will use the conditions as an excuse for why his team has scored only two goals in four league matches. I’ll use the rain as an excuse to not put much effort into this blog post. I’ll use the water-logged field as an excuse to not get called “whinny” by some idiot on Facebook after giving an honest assessment on why Atlanta United aren’t very good this season. It was all the rain.