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Video Mailbag! DSS answers your questions

Talking depth issues, Columbus takeaways and more.

We’re approaching mid-April and with Atlanta United not having played a game in what feels like ages (did the Columbus game actually happen?) We figured it’d be a perfect time to take some of your questions.

It’s a bit cruel the way the schedule has played out for Atlanta United. If matches are the water of life for Five Stripes fans, we basically had someone forcing our mouths onto the end of a fire hydrant for the first four weeks of the season, followed by a slow drip that’s barely enough to keep us alive. There’s probably a joke about Columbus here to fit this metaphor...

Anyhoo, in this month’s mailbag, we discuss what happened in Columbus, where Atlanta’s biggest weakness is in the squad, and what kind of tree I would be (Elm). Idk why someone wanted to know that, but the answer is clear and obvious.

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