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Three thoughts on Atlanta United’s totally uneventful 2-1 loss to Real Salt Lake

Thank science that’s over.

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta United dropped their second result in a row to Real Salt Lake in “heartbreaking” fashion. Jefferson Savarino’s last second screamer gave the home side all three points in what was an otherwise borefest of a match. Here are a few thoughts on that forgettable experience:


If you pay attention to these dumb post-match thought session/rants of mine, you’ll know that I’m not particularly fond of losing. Usually my emotions after a loss range between rage and depression, sometimes a bit of both. That just isn’t the case with this one. I feel apathetic more than anything.

Nothing about this match inspired any confidence whatsoever. We all know rotation had to happen. I’m not going to be hypocritical and criticize Frank de Boer for trotting out the makeshift lineup that he did. It had to be done. But, it just simply did not work. Nothing clicked. The team created nothing going forward and offered no glimmer of hope that they’d find the back of the net.

When Pity Martinez and Franco Escobar came on, they changed the game, Escobar specifically. It’s rare you see a right back come on and make a difference in the attacking end. Well, Franco is just one helluva player.

But, it wasn’t enough. RSL banged in too low percentage chances and got the three points. I’m not even mad. Just relieved it’s over because the match was just so boring to watch as a whole.

Hello? Anyone Awake?

I wasn’t the only one nodding off from boredom during the game. It seemed like the whole team did on several occasions. From the attack in the first half being a complete joke to the midfield and defense letting two different players have their way with them. On both of the goals a handful of defenders failed to close down the attackers and they hit fantastic shots that Guzan may or may not should have saved. The xG numbers say that both chances combined for nearly an 8 percent success rate. In fact, those same numbers show that neither team even reached 1.00 on the scale. The stats people will call it a lucky win for RSL. The emotional will call it a heartbreaking loss for Atlanta. I don’t call it anything but a terrible experience and am thankful to have it end.

Time To Wake Up Now

This three-game road trip was utterly ridiculous. No team should have to do that much traveling and play that many matches in such a short span of time. This is partly why I’m not too upset over this result. But now it’s time to get back home and get back to not being terrible at soccer. The team has two more home matches remaining until a much-needed three-week break for international festivities. Both games (Minnesota and Chicago) are winnable, especially at home. It’s time for the excuses to be put aside and for the players wake up.