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Recap: Another road loss.

If you get outplayed you’re probably going to lose the game

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

In a game between the third best team in each conference, Atlanta United fell shorter of their Western Conference counterpart than the scoreline indicated in a 2-1 loss.

The things that happened in the game that was played

The first half’s most exciting moments involved mistakes from Atlanta not being nearly as bad as they could have been.

Seattle nearly scored in the 29th minute when Cristian Roldan found space like...ten feet from the goal. Somehow —somehow hereby being a word meaning “due to the fact he shot the ball directly at the person attempting to keep him from scoring” — Brad Guzan kept the shot out.

Moments later, Seattle found even more space on the left. But somehow — a word hereby meaning “Miles f****** Robinson” —they failed to capitalize on a clear path to goal.

Oh yeah, there was also this:

Despite a large difference in xG that I’d rather not talk about, the half ended tied at 0-0.

The second half started as an end to end game. The only real question was which team would capitalize on their chances first Seattle, it was definitely Seattle.

Ruidiaz’s gorgeous goal put Seattle up one and seemed to confirm that the Sounders were well on their way to a deserved win. But then someone said Ruidiaz was better than Josef. That made Josef mad.

But not even the King could save Atlanta United from somehow — a word which hereby means “clearly and obviously being outmatched for pretty much the entire game” — conceding shortly thereafter.

A Recap Thought: This team is mediocre.

I dunno what else to add. That’s all I got. With 13 games left, It’s slowly getting to the point in the year where it’s going to be too late for this team to reach its full potential. Anything can happen, but it’s looking less and less likely by the day. This is 2019. Accept it. Wallow in it. Live it.

Oh, also, Atlanta has three wins and seven losses on the road. All things equal, if they play themselves out of hosting a home playoff game, expect a very, very early exit. Go team.

DSS Man of the Match

Josef. He scored. That was good.

Larentowicz Man of the Match (Your unsung hero(es))

Uhh....also Josef? Let’s just give it to Josef.

Tweet of the Night

We gave it to us. What are you gonna do it about? Nothing. That’s right.

What’s next?

Wednesday at MBS. Versus Houston. Yay.