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Five awesome things from Atlanta United’s USOC championship celebrations

Soccer is fun.

Minnesota United FC v Atlanta United FC: Final - 2019 U.S. Open Cup Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Atlanta United are champions once again after defeating Minnesota United in the U.S. Open Cup Final. The best thing about winning things is seeing all the players having fun on social media. With all the bad things that happen throughout the season, seeing pure unadulterated enjoyment makes it all worth it. Here are our five favorite things from the Five Stripes’ post-match celebrations:

1. Pity and Frank ... are happy?

The champagne showers get wild in the locker room. It is quite the sight to see Pity Martinez spraying the very manager he’s had harsh words for in the not-so-distant past with the bubbly. Rift over? Water (champagne) under the bridge? Winning cures all.

2. Atlanta United broke the dang trophy

This is just the best. Atlanta United have a weird track record with trophies, to say the least. This time around they broke the dang thing less than an hour after getting it. That didn’t stop Eric Remedi from celebrating with just the lid and only the lid. The celebrations shall not be stopped no matter the cost. Don’t worry, though. They fixed it in no time.

3. POV Showers

Miles Robinson gives us a taste of what it’s like to be in the middle of the champagne showers. Seems fun.

4. Josef doing Josef things

There’s nothing better than a happy Josef Martinez after the game (except maybe an angry Josef Martinez banging in goals). There’s also no bigger love affair on the team right now than Josef and a certain four-letter word English word he’s learned. His night included making the team’s Communications Coordinator very uncomfortable during an interview and taking to social media to deliver possibly his best quote ever “Where the f*** is the beer?”

Protect this man at all costs.

5. Darren Eales doing Darren Eales things

This is undeniably the best tradition in all of sports. Never stop being you, Darren.

We probably missed some cool stuff. Comment below with some of your favorites.