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Clear & Obvious: MLS announces sponsorship of MLS (not really)

Go to for more details (don’t there are no more details)

Remax Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

MLS has announced a new sponsorship with MLS bringing together both MLSs for the first time in history.** The MMLLSS partnership joins the Major Listing Service, America’s Real Estate Portal and Major League Soccer, North America’s second best soccer portal. In announcing the deal, MLS Commissioner Don Garber said that “MLS joining with MLS brings together two great synergistic partnerships and will help the league appeal to the very underserved realtor fanbase.”*** His counterpart, MLS President Gon Darber, said,”I’m very excited by the opportunity to sponsor a league whose team plays in historic Yankee Stadium, the national pastime is a major source of pride for MLS.”****

MLS and MLS also announced a new advertising campaign and website (please note, going to will also redirect you to the site) which will include MLS offering marketing consultations on under-performing listings including hosting open houses in Frisco, Harrison, and Commerce City in the hopes that neighbors come to poke around, gawk at the shabby furniture, and enjoy weak coffee and generic cookies, but stay because they heard Zlatan might stop by later.*****

Author’s note:

** this is fake

*** this is also fake, this is not happening

**** this is extremely fake, in no way is this happening

***** why did I write this?