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A few random thoughts on Atlanta United finally losing

All good things must end.

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Philadelphia Union Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta United’s seven-match win streak in all competitions came to an end on Saturday night as they fell 3-1 to the Philadelphia Union. The result catapults the Union over the Five Stripes in the Eastern conference standings and makes the path to the No. 1 seed a lot more difficult. Here are a few thoughts on a disappointing but not unexpected result:

  • Well, it was a good run. An admirable run. But all good things must come to an end and Atlanta United’s win streak of seven is over. You likely know why. So many matches in such a little time. Tired legs all over the field. Still, it was a solid effort on the night and the Five Stripes almost got out of it with a result. But, it was not to be. The Union got the job done as the minutes finally caught up to Frank de Boer’s side.
  • Let’s give the Union some credit. They proved themselves as a legitimately talented team in this one. But make no mistake about it, they built this match up to be their Champions League final while Atlanta United were going into it like the last day of school, desperate for that vacation time to kick in. This is not to discredit the victors, but to only make it clear that this wasn’t the best Atlanta could play. Perhaps we’ll get that match-up in the playoffs.
  • I’m not going to single out any bad performances. Every single one of them deserve credit for the amazing run this team went on. It’s unfortunate it had to come to an end like this, but the international break is finally here and some much needed rest can now be had for the majority. The No. 1 seed will be very hard to attain with the Union and NYCFC to overtake, but it’s not impossible.
  • In the grand scheme of things, considering where this team was two months ago and how far they’ve come since then, it’s really hard to be too critical after a loss like this. It happens. We move on.
  • Can we talk about THAT goal? The Nagbe to Josef goal was unbelievable. One of the most beautiful we’ve seen in three seasons. We’re not going to talk about Josef’s other chances. Let’s just don’t. The one goal was too lovely to dwell on the negative. More of that please.