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Recap: Bad.

Real bad.

MLS: Atlanta United FC at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta United lost to New York City FC by a final score of 4-1. It was not even kind of close.

The things that happened in the game that was played






A Recap Thought: If you’re gonna do it, do it big

Not many teams implode like Atlanta in 2019. When they get thumped, they get THUMPED.

I’m not sure what any of this means. This game probably didn’t matter anyway. Death comes for us all at some point.

Never really going to go great when your two best attacking players are missing, but yeah. You know. Whatever.


Maybe could have started Jeff to throw some bodies in the midfield? Midfield seemed kinda soft...


Things seemed kinda open too. Probably should have tried to make things more cluttered.


Look playoffs are coming soon, let’s just get this over with.

DSS Man of the Match

Pity didn’t bounce a penalty off the crossbar and into our own net or his own crotch or whatever so let’s go with him I guess.

Larentowicz Man of the Match

Let’s not ruin the sanctity of things.

Tweet of the Night

What’s Next?

Sunday against Montreal in Canada. Kickoff is at 5 p.m.