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Clear & Obvious: Reasons to be happy about signing Adam Jahn

Time for some good news!

MLS: Columbus Crew at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, Atlanta Untied is maybe gutting the culture and getting rid of fan favorites left and right this offseason. But as I say over and over again, change is a part of life. An aspect of that is that whenever the Dread God closes a door maybe he opens a window - or every silver lining has a touch of grey - one of those is good I guess.

1. Atlanta United signed the top scoring American pro player from 2019 - the American Zlatan is here y’all!

2. Trading for him means that the Red Bulls can’t add him to their roster so he can’t knock Atlanta out of the playoffs again.

3. Signing him softens the blow of losing Julian Gressel and announcing him on the same day will ensure that he’s a fan favorite.

4. The leftover salary that the team has from trading Gressel can go to him because if Atlanta United is clever about one thing it’s effectively using salary and not giving a player who isn’t that good or effective too much money and then having him start in central midfield just to be over run in the 2018 season opener against Houston.

5. He’s pretty good at Twitter, this will be vital for when Atlanta plays teams that are stocked with posters.

6. He went to Stanford so maybe he knows the secret of how to stop Jordan Morris.

7. Look at his doggos, these are good doggos.

8. We got another emoji tweet, everyone loves emoji tweets - there’s never a wrong time for an emoji tweet.

9. I can use the Stern Jahn joke that Sam came up with and drive it into the ground until well past time that it’s not funny anymore.

10. He can’t score against ATLUTD2 if he’s not on Phoenix Rising anymore - this is really a double win for Atlanta United.

All this is to say I’m really excited.