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Blind recap: Atlanta United beats crap out of Philadelphia Union in meaningless friendly

Players: who needs em?


Atlanta United continued rolling through its preseason schedule with a 4-0 win over the Philadelphia Union Wednesday afternoon. It’s Atlanta’s second straight “win” (as if the results of these things really matter) of the preseason after beating New York Red Bulls 2-1 on Friday in a 60-minute scrimmage. It should also be noted that Atlanta is ahead of Philadelphia in their preseason training schedule, as this was the Union’s first preseason competition.

What’s more important is to try to understand how well the team played — not just the scoreline. And, with us not being there to see it first hand or to watch via stream, it’s a little more difficult to discern. So we’ll go with some tweets from the AJC’s own Doug Roberson who is on the ground.

Oh, and to catch back up, here’s the Starting XI:

3-x-x (idc what you wanna call it): Guzan, Lennon, Escobar, Robinson, Meza, Mulraney (LWB), Remedi, Hyndman, Pity Martinez, Ezequiel Barco, Josef Martinez

Here’s the goal:

These tweets were sent in the same minute, so that’s a good start. The pressure is important. That is what manager Frank de Boer is working on with the team in preseason — to get the team all on the same page when the pressing opportunities arise.

Mulraney will certainly be getting in the good graces of the coaching staff with this kind of stuff.

Ok so maybe there are still some kinks to be worked out.

Remedi appears to have had an excellent game contributing to the attack. He seems to be heavily involved in link-up play. And if the team’s communications staffer is making note of a pass, it was a good pass.

That’s two goals for Pity. Here’s the footage:

HALFTIME SUBS: Bello on for Mulraney. Larentowicz on for Remedi.


SUB! 60’ Adams on for Hyndman.

This is not all that important of a tweet in and of itself, but Bello seems to be working quite high up the field and players are finding him running into space down the left side.

I’ll just let Doug type the subs for me. Note: the Academy player was actually somebody named Goodrum who Atlanta selected in the college draft. Same difference. Will Reilly (an academy CM whose name you should remember) also came on for Barco.


So that does it. Atlanta won 4-0, once again with all the goals coming in the first half of the action. We’ll update this post with videos and things as they become available from the club.

UPDATE 8:45 p.m.

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