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Rumor: Uruguayan midfielder Santiago Rodriguez linked with Atlanta United

Atlanta has a penchant for targeting young South American midfielders.


With training camp just days away, the international transfer market is heating up and we’re finally starting to see Atlanta United make some moves for acquisitions.

After being heavily linked with a couple of Paraguayan players in Santiago Arzamendia and Mathias Villasanti in recent weeks, a new link emerged today to Nacional midfielder Santiago Rodriguez.

The tweet alone is innocent enough, but it furthers a report published by El Pais today linking Rodriguez to MLS. The report doesn’t mention any individual clubs, but states his club, clausura winners Nacional, are willing to sell.

What is known is that businessman Pablo Boselli has received inquiries from Santiago Rodríguez and that a negotiation on this signing would have the support of the tricolor.

Boselli himself acknowledged to Ovación that there are actions that are being undertaken in the United States and in Europe, because the footballer had already captured the attention of some institutions.

Translation: Google Translate

However, the report adds that Nacional had yet to receive a formal offer at the time of publishing.

Who is Santiago Rodriguez? It’s a good question, as 2019 appears to have been his first year as a full professional player. According to the Soccerway database, Rodriguez made 22 appearances last year, 15 of which were starts and added six goals.

Here’s a highlights reel with Spanish commentary: