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LOGICAL and REASONABLE: let’s fight about scoring goals

I bet it takes longer than 4′33″ for it to happen

John Cage Posed In Amsterdam photo by Frans Schellekens/Redferns

By now the 2020 season has been characterized by out of character performances by Atlanta United in nearly all facets of the organization. The team isn’t playing very well, there’s been no splashy coaching... well, anything, and the best thing that’s happened is the team opened a DP spot. Not great.

The most trouble that Atlanta United is having though comes from the challenge of scoring goals. This is a problem. The point of soccer is to score goals and Atlanta isn’t doing it. The team isn’t even coming close having scored two goals or more in just three games since firing Frank de Boer and being shutout five times. In fact, outside of the 4-0 win against DC United, there hasn’t even been much of a threat to score goals.

This is really... it’s just weird. In MLS teams often score just thanks to what resembles defensive indifference, off of their striker’s face, or with a ball that bounces around the box too much on a set piece. Atlanta hasn’t gotten many of those breaks all season and last weekend the team seemed content to hope for a 0-0 draw away to Toronto and wasn’t capable of doing much of anything going forward.

It’s no doubt troubling and I do have a question about this. But first... in the last edition of LOGICAL and REASONABLE y’all really came through with some incredible work in the comments section. Alas, only one comment can be the best comment and this is the precious one that wins the ring.

Tremendous work from a long time comment section participant.

The question this week is simple: how will Atlanta United score its next goal. My money is it won’t come until next season when Josef is healthy and a new manager takes over, but I’m an optimist.