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Clear and Obvious: Help wanted?


Now Hiring signs in Saco Staff photo by Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

You ever “look” for a job, it’s dumb nobody likes it. Resumes and emails and networking, it’s just the worst. Once I was looking for a job and was asked by someone who was presumably trying to help, or not based on this question, “well, what are you doing, driving around with your windows down hoping someone asks you if you want a job?” It did not help me get a job.

Then there’s the thing that someone has a job and doesn’t like it and they’ll hear that it’s easier to find a job if you have a job, but looking for a job is a job and then you have two jobs and it’s bad enough having one job.

One thing that makes finding a job easier is hearing about someone that has a job they are trying to fill. It’s an indication that whoever is hiring is at least interested in filling the role. It makes it a little exciting, plus at the very least there’s hope that something good might happen instead of just more wallowing in not having a job. Even if you are really good at what you do and there’s maybe a job you could get, just hearing that your name is somehow associated with the job is nice. But then again, maybe your name and nobody else’s name is ever really said in connection to it because the person they want to hire has already been decided and the whole thing is a farce anyway. In some ways that’s worse than having to look for a job.

Eventually, inevitably, you’ll get a job, it’ll just happen. If the hypothetical job that whoever had is actually real, and surely it must be real if it’s been open for over 100 days, gets filled, that’s nice too. It’s inevitable also, but still kinda weird that nobody heard anything about it for that long. Just really strange.