Bring back the five stripes jersey!

almiron-martinez.0.jpgOur original jersey

That old jersey. The one that won us the MLS Cup in 2018. The one that was with us during our humble beginnings at Bobby Dodd. The reason we're called the five stripes. It's gone. We now have a new jersey that as way too many black stripes to be called a five stripes jersey. We lost our jersey as we lost our team that we love. The changes all came as the 2019 season began. The departure of Miggy, the arrival of de Boer, the arrival of Pity, etc. They were all changes that were thought at the time to make us even better, but in reality, they ruined us. So, in our time of rebuilding, why not bring back the retro jersey. It would be fitting for the 2021 season. Don't forget to leave your comments down below.

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