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CCL Recap: ATLUTD - 1, Motagua - 1

hell yeah we’ll take it

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Josef Martinez got one goal closer to a statue and Atlanta United leaves Honduras with an away goal and an even scoreline after a 1-1 draw with Motagua on Tuesday night.

The things that happened in the game that was played

Everything was quiet until it wasn’t.

34 minutes in, after a whole lot of nothing, Motagua found the back of the net when an unmarked player fired home from point blank range. A thing which we jinxed the hell out of.

But this was good news. In fact we realized that we could use our powers for good. A real moment of growth so early in the season. Something that should be show appreciation in the form of applause or fan letters or even Venmos to @Sam-Jones-91. What we’re saying, is: You’re welcome.

The half ended 1-1 thanks to your friendly neighborhood SBNation account.

And then the second half had a whole lot of almost moments. Both teams traded a collection of chances and things were generally exciting. I actually stayed wired during a game that ended at got dang midnight. Good stuff. Atlanta could have easily walked away with a second away goal.

A CCL Recap Thought: That was fun

This was fun. Not only that but it’s a good result. It’s a far cry from last year’s opener in similar circumstances. Atlanta came in with a pretty depleted roster and still found a way to play enjoyable soccer with a scoreline that we can all approve of. All of it puts Atlanta in a good position to come out and take over in Kennesaw on Tuesday. Especially with what will hopefully be a more full strength lineup.

That being said, the unexpected pieces tonight did well. Full credit for (right back (!)) Mo Adams and (left back (!)) Franco Escobar for stepping in and doing what they could. Adams had a rough go of it but you couldn’t ask too much. Anton Walkes at center back also didn’t do anything to mess everything up and should be commended for it. His versatility is a big reason why Atlanta brought him back and we’ve already seen him play left wingback and center back since he’s returned.

All around a really enjoyable late night first game of the year. Everyone’s lowered expectations probably helped a bit, but objectively you have to feel pretty good about everything that happened.

DSS Man of the Match

Brad Guzan.

Made a few excellent saves to keep this thing tied. We should all do our best to not take him for granted this year. Yes, you, Sam.

Larentowicz Man of the Match (Your Unsung Hero(es))

Second half Pity.

After a slow start he really picked it up in the second half. A short burst of activity including crosses that caused a lot of trouble in the box and a right-footed volley that nearly found the net was probably the best run of play from any Atlanta player tonight.

Zeke also showed out more than a few times, and of course Josef got the goal. This front three is real damn fun when it’s clicking.

Tweet of the Night

I screamed.

Thing to Fight About in the Comments

Remedi is back in midfield. Wasn’t much of a choice tonight based on personel but do you want to see it going forward?

Thing You’re Wrong About and Should Take Super Seriously That I’m Telling You You’re Wrong About This Very Important Sports Thing Definitely @ Me Later if it Turns Out I Wasn’t 100% Correct Which I Won’t Be Because I’m Right You Posers (or the T.Y.W.A.a.S.T.S.S.T.I.T.Y.Y.W.A.T.V.I.S.T.D.@.M.L.i.i.T.O.I.W.100.C.W.I.W.B.B.I.R.P)

4-3-3 Frank Atlanta United is best Frank Atlanta United. 3-4-3 gives me anxiety. I am right.

What’s Next?

Kennesaw. Tuesday. Leg two.