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Atlanta United’s new “King’s Kit” is their best secondary kit so far

It’s quite nice.

Jacob Gonzalez/Atlanta United

It’s officially here. After months of leaks trickling out hinting toward a gold-themed secondary kit, Atlanta United finally unveiled their newest kit to the growing collection. The 2020 secondary shirt will be primarily white with gold features. The club released this cool hype video in conjunction to the release. Make sure to watch all the way through for Josef Martinez smashing things with hammers.

In this writer’s opinion, of the three secondary kits the team has had in its short history (this one, concrete and strawberry and king peach), this one is the best looking of the trio. The only feature that sours me on the whole thing is the three adidas stripes on the right shoulder that appear on all new kits this season. That uniformity just reeks of a lack of originality. The league has also made it standard practice for every team to have a white change strip. This decision seems to be out of Atlanta United’s hands. For this reason, I choose to judge this new kit on its own merits independent from what the others look like. On its own, I feel it ranks higher than its two predecessors.

Jacob Gonzalez/Atlanta United
Team Photographer/Atlanta United
Jacob Gonzalez/Atlanta United
Jacob Gonzalez/Atlanta United

Unfortunately for the club, there’s one small detail that isn’t gold. Eagle-eyed observers may have noticed that this year’s star above the Atlanta United crest is now silver instead of gold. For those unfamiliar, MLS has a system in place for the awarding of stars. The reigning champion’s stars are gold, while past champions are silver. Thus, why Atlanta now has a silver star on their all-gold kit. How sweet it would’ve looked with a gold star on this lovely gold kit instead of that silver.

The other additions to the kit are easy to see. There is a small coin embroidered to the bottom left front of the shirt. The team’s official site describes it in detail:

The Coin found on the jock tag connects our past with our present. The “Spiked A” symbol drives a connection between club, city and our fans on matchday. Below it, a small “D” to represent Dahlonega, where gold was first discovered in Georgia in 1928.

On the right shoulder is also a new change. MLS has introduced sleeve sponsors and Atlanta has chosen to expand their relationship with Piedmont Healthcare to include this on kits in 2020.

My favorite new addition is the font type introduced to all kits this season. Both the font for namesets and numbers now have a revitalized feel to them. Fonts are always fun to debate and I think these new choices are quite good.

You can see every new detail described in full here on the team’s website.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the direction the secondary kits are going in. It feels true to the Atlanta United brand with the gold theme. More than the other two previous kits did. For me, that’s the most important thing. If it feels Atlanta United, it’s a good representation of the club and the fans.

What do you think of the new secondary kit? Let us know below? Will you be buying one?

They are available now online and will be on sale at the official team store beginning Thursday morning at 10 a.m.