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Atlanta United in the Premier League: Episode 4 of our Football Manager playthrough

We resume our Football Manager playthrough of Atlanta United in the Premier League, with a refresher of where we’re at.

Hi y’all. We’re back at it on our Football Manager save with Atlanta United in England. We are in the middle of season three — our first in the Premier League. We’re holding up very well for a newly promoted side, hovering around the middle of the table.

We are streaming this on the Dirty South Soccer Twitch channel. FOLLOW to get alerts for when we go live and play the game. We have a good time talking Atlanta United both in-game and IRL in the chat, and I’d love for as many of y’all to join and hang out.

In the game there’s still plenty to accomplish: Europa League, Champions League, etc. And hopefully we can win as much as possible while Josef Martinez et al are still active players... We will be giving them contracts until they are 40 years old simply so they can hoist the trophies with the team.

Follow us on YouTube to make sure you can watch the updates we will periodically post to this series, usually at the end of each transfer window.