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Atlanta United in England Episode 5: Europa League push?

In our first year in the Premier League, we go to the final matchday against Arsenal with Europa League on the line

We are back with the end of Atlanta United’s first season in the Premier League in our Football Manager playthrough here on Dirty South Soccer. In this episode, we play Arsenal on the last matchday of the season to see if we can jump Chelsea and earn ourselves a spot in next year’s Europa League. After the game, we also take one more look at the squad and analyze where we stand and where we can upgrade.

As a programming note: I’ve decided I’ll be playing less of this save on our Twitch channel (not none... I will jump on periodically), but I think y’all would rather digest this save through a video series on YouTube. So, I will be doing more videos like this, capturing important moments of the season when we have important matches or there’s important news.

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