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The DEFINITIVE ranking of Atlanta United’s uniforms

This is like ranking our kids.

New York Red Bulls v Atlanta United FC Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

It goes without saying that a team’s kit is a pretty important part of a team’s identity. Whatever a team achieves on the field, it does so donning the organization’s badge and colors. They give us reference points to years past and different eras during a club’s history.

During Atlanta United’s short history, the team has worn five different uniforms (excluding one-off kits like those beautiful, beautiful parley kits), and I’m going to rank them.

During the inaugural season, it was the Five Stripes and Strawberry and Concrete. In 2018, Strawberry and Concrete made room for King Peach, and the following year the Stars and Stripes replaced the Five Stripes. 2020 saw a King Peach void and the introduction of the team’s newest addition, the King’s Kit.

#5 King’s Kit

The color scheme and theme behind this kit is honestly a nice look on the players. Sadly, up close, the details on the jersey make it seem like it was thrown together using different designs and patterns. Certain parts of the jersey are thinner than others y no me gusta eso. I like a jersey that has the same or pretty similar feel throughout, but I don’t have my own King’s Kit to reference so maybe I’m just speaking nonsense. The team has only worn the jersey for a game on one occasion, the away leg against Motagua, and I have seen a King’s Kit up close only one time so that may play a role in how I feel about this iteration of Atlanta’s away kit. For those that have a King’s Kit, am I wrong about the appearance and feel of this jersey?


#4 Stars and Stripes

AC Mil- I mean Atlanta United’s current home kit isn’t bad by any means (unless your particular jersey lacks a name and number to fill in the void on the back). That’s my main gripe with this one. I like the lighter material this jersey is made of compared to the original home shirt, but it really doesn’t look complete without a name and number, an option that many fans go with when purchasing a jersey.

Minnesota United FC v Atlanta United FC: Final - 2019 U.S. Open Cup Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

#3 King Peach

Peaches! The above tifo inspired the King Peach kit, and I think that’s pretty cool. How many fanbases can say that they had a direct influence on something as important as a team’s jersey? This jersey played a role during the club's championship winning year and is therefore important to the club’s growing is history. Boom. The lightweight material is nice to wear and the peach color scheme is nice on the eye, yada yada.

SOCCER: JULY 17 MLS - Houston Dynamo at Atlanta United FC Photo by Austin McAfee/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

#2 Strawberry and Concrete

This kit is criminally underrated and doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It wasn’t even given a cameo in Atlanta United’s latest uniform hype video! It's a simple design, but the whole uniform and the color scheme just make it work. When I think of this jersey, I also think of Bobby Dodd. Both of these are important pieces of Atlanta United’s short history, but perhaps not properly appreciated. Maybe I favor this iteration of Atlanta’s away kit over the others because my first Atlanta kit was a long sleeve Strawberry jersey, but I would wear one of these over the King’s Kit any day of the week.

SOCCER: JUN 10 MLS - Atlanta United FC at Chicago Fire Photo By Daniel Bartel/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

#1 Five Stripes

I think most people would agree with this one. It’s the OG. It’s what the team wore in some of the club’s most significant and historical moments. The legend that is Yamil Asad scoring Atlanta United’s first ever goal at Bobby Dodd, Atlanta’s first win against Minnesota in the snow, Atlanta lifting the MLS Cup in the Benz just to name a few. This is another simple design, but the design quite literally encapsulated the club’s identity by taking the club’s badge and turning it into what will undoubtedly be the club's most iconic jersey for some time.

New York Red Bulls v Atlanta United FC Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

How would you rank Atlanta’s kits? Let us know in the comment section below.