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Let’s debate the best non-MLS Cup-winning Atlanta United team

It’s not like we don’t have the time on our hands

Which team was better?

Every Atlanta United fan knows that the 2018 MLS Cup-winning side is objectively the best version in the club’s short history. So in this video we try to decide which team was better: Tata Martino’s team that made its MLS debut in 2017, or Frank de Boer’s 2019 side that got off to a slow start but ended up claiming the club’s first U.S. Open Cup.

We measure the teams on five criteria: Attack, Defense, Style of Play, Versatility and and we’re simply calling “Clutch” — a measure of the team’s performance in big games. Let us know how you’d rate the teams in these areas and if you have any other criteria that should be considered.

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