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Congratulations to the Atlanta United Academy Class of 2020

Congrats to all these young players! Give them a shoutout.

Atlanta United Academy’s U-19 Starting XI vs. SKC on Dec. 4, 2019

Yesterday, the Atlanta United Academy announced the graduation of its 2020 class of players, many of whom will be going on to play in the collegiate ranks. The nature of the academy system and our coverage of the first team means we often focus on the George Bellos and George Campbells — the players with a more immediate opportunity to prove themselves as pros. But these lesser-known kids have been equally dedicated in their pursuits of a soccer career and deserve recognition for making the club’s Academy what it is — one that’s grown quickly to be one of the most competitive groups in the country in only a handful of years.

Brandon Clagette - University of Pittsburgh

Miguel Ramirez - Duke University

Jordan Matthews - University of South Carolina

Josue Hangi - University of Akron

Mbongeni Kanyane - Univeristy of Dayton (*cough*goflyers*cough*)

Anthony Reaves - Cornell University

Victor Delgado - NC State University

Garrison Tubbs - Wake Forest University

Remi Smith - Air Force Academy

Chase Oliver - Wake Forest University

Miguel Gonzalez - Georgia Gwinnett College

Michael Wilkerson - University of San Diego

And here’s the official statement from Atlanta United Academy Director Tony Annan:

Let’s hear it in the comments for these kids who deserve recognition from the fans!