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Escobar: Difficult times is when we need support the most

The Atlanta veteran speaks on the team’s tough run of form.

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Nashville SC Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Franco Escobar has seen and done it all during his 2 12 years with Atlanta United. He was a pivotal member of the team’s MLS Cup triumph in his first season and now he’s suffering through a very tumultuous season in his third. Frustrations are a common theme surrounding the Five Stripes community currently. However, Escobar wants the supporters to know that now is when the team needs them the most.

During the team’s weekly pre-match media availability session, the 25-year-old defender was asked about a frustrated tweet he sent out after the team’s loss to Nashville SC.

In regards to supporters who may turn against the players or the team when times get tough, he made it clear that when things are going bad is when they need the fans the most.

“When you’re going through a difficult time like we are, you hear different things,” Escobar said in a teleconference. “I put that tweet out to let people know that when things aren’t going well that’s when we need them the most. We’re doing everything we can to turn it around and to play well.

“It’s a team with a lot of players who have won titles here and have given joys to the club and the city. We want to win and we’re doing our best to do that. It’s just to say that now is the time we most need everyone and not just people who are with us in the good times. We need everyone’s support.”

Franco’s passion for Atlanta United was apparent throughout the whole 25-minute question and answer session.

When asked about his personal ambitions and whether or not he’d want to leave the club, he had mixed emotions, but admitted that if he spent 10 more years in Atlanta, he would be perfectly happy.

“I’m a player and I’m not going to try and sell you smoke. As players we always have more ambitions to try and be the best that we can be. I’m very happy here. I enjoy being here. I love being here. If I can stay here 10 more years, I would be happy. But as a player I’ve always had ambitions of playing in Europe, it’s always something I’ve had in mind. As I said, it’s always ambition to want to be better and want to grow as a player and a person. But I’m very happy here.”