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LOGICAL and REASONABLE: Is it all going to be ok?

A question for the Oracle...

The Oracle at Delphi... Photo by Stefano Bianchetti/Corbis via Getty Images

Atlanta United did it, they didn’t lose! In fact, the team won! In fact, they beat a good team. It’s a sort of new version of Atlanta United. Rather than a fast and flashy team like in years 1-2 or a big Dutch mess like in years 3-3.5, this version is gritty. Mark Lemke Jeff Larentowicz led the side to a 1-0 victory in which relying on the fundamentals, running out a few grounders, and a little luck carried the day.

It’s the brightest moment the team has had since March and hopefully one to build on as Marcelino Moreno gets set to join the squad. Atlanta has possibly the easiest schedule in Major League Soccer history to close out the season, so hopefully this bodes well for the side.

As far as what I think, I defer to the Oracle... “now your statues are standing and pouring sweat. They shiver with dread. The black blood drips from the highest rooftops. They have seen the necessity of evil. Get out, get out of my sanctum and drown your spirits in woe.” The Fire are starting to put it together, it will take another workman like effort to avoid more blood cascading down from the rooftops perhaps.

Before we get to the question, here’s the best comment as decided by me, a former high school debate judge:

My goodness, what a comment.

It seems like the team is figuring things out. Meza is the best defender ever to only need one leg to play the sport, Jon Gallagher is the Pity replacement, Jeff is an ageless wonder... it all makes me ask: is it all going to be OK? What do you see dear oracles? Tell me your prophecies.