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Report: Atlanta United 2021 home kit leaked?

It’s a pretty significant change from past home kits if it’s real

Toronto FC v Atlanta United - Eastern Conference Finals Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Just over a week ago, a design for an Atlanta United alternate kit leaked, and to be honest, I figured that was the end of the new kits for 2021 (despite the normal new kits every other year for home/away). But a new leak from the ever-reliable Footy Headlines is showing us a potential new home kit that presents a new look for the Five Stripes.

Maybe more like Five Lines amirite (rim-shot).

Okay, so here’s my take: I don’t hate it. My friends hate it. I don’t hate it. Yes, it’s different than the stripeage we are accustomed to on Atlanta’s two home kits. And yes, it’s mostly black which has become a bit overused in the last ~15-20 years or so. But unless you want to basically copy some iteration of AC Milan every time these are released, something creative was needed with the “Five Stripes” that has become the moniker for the team. This version of the “stripes” differentiates it from the Milan look, and also will allow for more variation in the future if they choose to continue with this look in the future. You can easily picture sashes, horizontal lines across the chest, and many other variations of these sleeker stripes. And at least there are five of them.

The other thing I will say is that, in my experience, the general opinion of new kits almost always seems to be negative — from underwhlemed to disgusted, but typically using the most provocative adjective available. Because it’s different. In the end, the team makes the kit. If the team is fun and amazing and maybe wins a trophy, we will all love the kits because of what they represent. The opposite can also happen, so let’s all pray that doesn’t happen again.

This is the space where we ask our readers to chime in with their opinions, but we all know that’s not necessary for this! Let’s hear it.