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MLSPA anonymous player survey reveals Atlanta as most desired club to play for and best atmosphere

Some interesting results in a poll published by the MLS Players Associaiton

SOCCER: OCT 30 MLS - Toronto FC at Atlanta United FC Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last week, the MLS Players Association published the results of its internally-conducted anonymous player poll on a variety of fun topics about the league. Opinions were shared on everything from who the best players are in various respects, to what stadiums have the best atmospheres, facilities... a bunch of fun stuff. Here’s the whole thread that was posted on Twitter in case you missed it.

Atlanta United can take pride in a couple of the results that have to do with more holistic aspects of the team. MLS players voted Atlanta United as having the best in-stadium atmosphere.

But maybe even more compelling is that players also voted Atlanta as the club they’d most like to play for (assuming every player’s current team was not an option). It’s an interesting question to ask, because a player is likely to consider many different aspects of a club before landing on a decision — things like like the aforementioned atmosphere, but certainly not least of all other things like training facilities, player services, club prestige, quality of life in the city itself, and more. Judging by the phrasing here, it doesn’t sound like Atlanta was far-and-away the best with at least both the Los Angeles club trailing close behind. But still a great badge of honor for everyone at the club and its fans.

So some pretty cool results in here. This is the first year the MLSPA has conducted this survey, so it’s possible some of the responses could be what has built up in the players’ minds over multiple seasons. It will be interesting to see how these results change over time. But regardless, these two particular categories are probably the ones Darren Eales and Co. would choose to be leading the league.

And shoutout to Miles Robinson, who was voted as one of two of the best defenders in the league!

What’d y’all think of these results?