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Remedi leaves. Sosa arrives. A new kit appears on the horizon: FIVE STRIPE FINAL

Things are happening in Atlanta United-land and the DSS pod is back to discuss it all.

New York City FC Vs Atlanta United Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Joe and J. Sam talk Eric Remedi to San Jose, Santiago Sosa to Atlanta, the creation of a new kit, and answer reader questions. They also show off their brand new intro. They also also hint at things to come on March 1. And Sam fails entirely to pronounce someone’s name because his parents failed to raise him in a proper cultural environment.

All in all, it’s a pretty good show, ya know?

We appreciate y’all. We really do. And if you want to subscribe to our youtube channel, we’d appreciate you even more all the same.

0:30 - Snazzy new intro (“Chances” by Curt Castle”

2:00 - The best moment of 2020?

3:30 - Joe Patrick rides the bus

5:15 - Business Time

5:30 - Eric Remedi leaves/GAM comes in

12:00 - Slamin’ Santi Sosa arrives

13:05 - Meza leaving?

17:00 - Darwin Matheus to Atlanta?/Sam struggles

19:30 - A tough CCL draw

28:15 - Kit talk

39:00 - Listener Questions

1:00:30 - Rapid Fire

1:02:30 - Joe Patrick’s Propaganda Machine

1:04:30 - Big things coming

1:05:00 - Byeee bye bye bye byeeee bye

Note from Joe: Sam was feeling extra frisky today and built out this timeline. Please do not hold us to this high a standard for future episodes. Thanks in advance.