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LOGICAL and UNREASONABLE: What if the unthinkable happens?

Just taking a measure of the worst case scenario

‘The Great Fire of London, 1666’, (c1666). Photo by Museum of London/Heritage Images/Getty Images

This seems... better, much better, too much better perhaps. Atlanta United went back to their roots to retool the roster for the 2021 season. The team got its Argentine manager who is a disciple of Bielsa and is in the process of filling the roster with players from South America. They even did some kind of shenanigans to maybe give money to another team to pay a transfer fee on the behalf of the Five Stripes and then orchestrate a loan to bring him to Atlanta eventually. It’s great, it’s all great - I feel warm and fuzzy just like it’s 2017 again.

Except... I don’t. And really, I didn’t then either. Back four years ago I felt a lot of angst. Outside of trouncing Chattanooga and then getting fitness or whatever in the Charleston Champions Cup of Victory, Atlanta was a complete unknown going into the inaugural season. Of course, we know how that ended, it was great, beyond expectations really. Atlanta even got production out of a draft pick, it was unheard of.

That brings us to 2021. The feelings of hope and dread are back. This time it’s a little different. We know what Atlanta United can do... kinda. There will just be three players and Mikey Ambrose that were integral to the 2017 season on the roster. The rest of the team is once again fairly unknown. Part of that is fun and surely some players will exceed expectations while others fall short, but there’s a question that needs to be asked and should produce a rigorous LOGICAL and REASONABLE debate:


Not will he suck at it, but what if he does?