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Transferpalooza! FIVE STRIPE FINAL

Ronald Hernandez and Franco Ibarra are in the squad, Fernando Meza departs, and Lautaro Giannetti reports abound.

River Plate v Velez Sarsfield - Superliga 2019/20 Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images

Joe and J. Sam are back for another week of transfer window wheeling and dealing as Atlanta United continues to build its squad in preparation for the club’s ‘relaunch’ under Gabriel Heinze. They also answer your questions in the latest episode of Five Stripe Final.

Intro: “Chances” by Curt Castle

5:00 - Joe tells his getting Waffle House with Roger Bennett story

6:00 - Business Time

6:20 - Franco Ibarra is here

8:30 - Tiotal Football upsets everyone

8:31 - Franco Ibarra vs. Santiago Sosa

16:45 - Lautaro Giannetti is probably coming. Probably.

21:00 - Atlanta is doing everything right

23:30 - Ronald Hernandez and the Great Aberdeen Caper

29:20 - Bye Fernando Meza

34:00ish - Listener Q’s

43:30ish - Rapid Fire

48:00ish - Closing time/Bye y’all/bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

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