How to watch Atlanta United this season on TV

Apparently the comments to my question in a recent fanpost were closed.

First a quick detour: If I somehow broke a rule, or angered the overlords at Fox Sports South, SBnation, or, god ford, Don Garber himself - let me know what I did so i can make sure to never do that again.

OK - so after extensive research (literally a 5-minute Google), I came across this really great link.

The neat thing is that it tells you for the entire schedule which service will be streaming it!

(note: i just figured out this was for last season - i hope to do this again for next season.)

The only way to legally watch any ATL home match from home is to shell out $85-$95 per month to get AT&T TV (Ultimate or Choice respectively) since this is the only package that will carry Fox Sports South. As we all know, FSS doesn't carry all the matches. Some will be free on twitter. Some can be seen with a good antenna on FOX or Univision. Some will be on basic cable on FS1 or ESPN.

I just wish that the local big 4 network would get the rights and show each match so you can watch over the air.

I wanted to head the following off at the pass:

  • You're cheap: yes i am. I already miss the days where you could stream everything with just Netflix and Hulu. Now you need amazon prime, the streaming service for all major networks, hbo-max, netflix, etc. We are right back to where we started with the problems of cable TV. Too much cost for too little content.
  • Go the matches if you want to support the team: my family isn't built for that. Also: COVID.
  • Just Pirate the streams: i think SBNation will ban the mention and support of this activity.
  • Go watch at a bar: COVID. Recovering alcoholic - shouldn't be near booze.

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