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New Kit, big Josef, and Ezequiel Barco predictions: FIVE STRIPE FINAL

The pod is back to discuss all the latest news and answer your questions

Atlanta United FC v Philadelphia Union Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images

JSam and Joe take some time to talk about Ezequiel Barco’s future, whether or not this Atlanta United will score, and answer reader questions. So many questions.

We appreciate y’all and your questions though. And we’d appreciate y’all keeping an eye out for a big FSF announcement (and interview) this Tuesday.

We regret to inform everyone that Nathan Lane once again could not make it. We are reaching out to his people to get him for next week’s episode.

Intro: “Chances” by Curt Castle

2:30: Business Time

2:45: Lautaro Giannetti and planes

5:15: Olympics

8:25: Kit Reveal

12:00: Big Josef and Carlos

19:00: Zeke’s last dance?

27:25: Reader Q’s

40:30: Rapid Fire

44:30: Bye y’all/bye bye bye bye bye bye

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