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Atlanta United’s injury crisis and a massive listener Q&A: FIVE STRIPE FINAL

Taking a ton of your questions and discussing more news of the week

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Orlando City SC Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

JSam and Joe take are back to talk about knee ligament grafts and sports hernia mesh... you know, the normal stuff. We take a look at the injury crisis facing Atlanta United early in the season and answer a ton of your questions.

If you’re sitting there listening to this like “man, I like this podcast. I wish I could hear more, particularly interviews with other journalists and players and stuff...” Well, you’re in luck. We have more on our Patreon account, where you can hear from Felipe Cardenas, Bobby Boswell, and more to come every week.

We regret to inform everyone that Nathan Lane once again could not make it. We are once again leaving voicemails with his people to get him for next week’s episode.

Intro: “Chances” by Curt Castle

0:30 - Patreon talk (We promise it’s good)

3:30 - Business time

3:35 - Bye Giannetti

7:00 - Random River Plate Guy

7:30 - The stuff we should have cut but didn’t to show our humanity

9:15 - Gutman? More like Bye-man.

11:00 - Advice on looking up pictures on sports hernias/Mo Adams more like No Adams.

12:30 - Guzan and Lisandro

18:00 - Memories of Club America and Rudy Gobert

23:00 - Reader Q’s

48:40 - Rapid Fire

54:00 - Bye bye bye bye bye bye

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