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LOGICAL and REASONABLE: The answer is clear but accepting the truth is difficult

I’m still writing about center backs

Head of Plato (circa 428- 248 B.C.), Greek philosopher, marble Photo By DEA / G. DAGLI ORTI/De Agostini via Getty Images

Ok, the season is getting close. Soon Atlanta United will go to Costa Rica and try to stop from getting stomped by Johan Venegas, but the team doesn’t have a left center back. Center back is important because they stop the other team from scoring. They do other things too, but the main one is to stop the other team from scoring. Most teams play with at least two center backs and it seems like Atlanta United has two, but one is really good and the other is two or three other guys who might be OK. The situation isn’t great and Johan Venegas wants vengeance.

Atlanta United is in the dark about what to do. Its options are presented as shadows on a cave wall, only the image of the shadow and the sound of the figures making them are sensed. Perhaps Atlanta United will be freed and use its senses to perceive the world around it, realizing that what it saw was not reality, but a facsimile of reality designed to keep it blind and helpless.

In other words, Atlanta United needs a center back and it’s going to be really, really hard to get one. Few other leagues have their transfer windows open right now so if Atlanta wants to pick up a player from abroad, they have to find a transfer partner that is has a spare starting caliber center back to give up without a replacement. Making a trade in MLS would be difficult because teams would presumably be forced to replace the player they send to Atlanta and would be in the very position the Five Stripes find themselves in.

While this isn’t ideal, it also isn’t permanent. At the very least, the team could use some depth in the backline, so this does not have to be a permanent multi-year investment and the player might just be needed for a spot start until a five star prospect can be brought in. Another option is the free agency market. In MLS the players available who could play center back are Victor Cabrera, Laurent Ciman, and Aurelien Collin. The problem is that Cabrera is injury prone, Ciman is getting up in years, and Collin is terrible. Then, of course, there’s another option:

Maybe that’d work, we just need Rob to tweet it into existence now.

Before we get to the question, I’m going to dig into the comments section from last week. There were some highlights what with the Ghostbuster guy showing up and some other things, but this is the one that won.

Congrats HireJurgenKlinsmann, you have won 100 Scarfcoin.

Now that’s out of the way, here is the question: is the team better off with the options it has or picking one of the options discussed here?