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A new Franco emerges | Five Stripe Final

Third time’s the charm?

Independiente v Rosario Central - Superliga 2019/20 Photo by Amilcar Orfali/Getty Images

Joe and JSam are back to discuss whether Josef is actually bad... because... Orlando has Pato and Nani... or something. They also discuss the imminent (fingers crossed) Alan Franco signing, MLS roster rules, and ASMR.

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Intro: “Chances” by Curt Castle

1:00 - Josef is bad, actually.

2:45 - Five Stripe Final Sells Out

4:45 - Slouching towards business time

5:15 - Josef speaks/Daddy’s home

10:00 - Tormenta

12:30 - An lo, another center back arises in the east

19:45 - Reader questions

39:45 - RAPID FIRE

44:30 - bye y’all/bye bye bye bye bye bye