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Alajuelense issues statement about players unable to travel due to Covid-19 quarantine policy

Between the US Government, FIFA and Concacaf, the team is in a tough spot

Euskadi v Costa Rica - International Friendly Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Five players for LD Alajuelense will be unable to travel for the second leg of tomorrow’s Concacaf Champions League match against Atlanta United. The players travelled to Europe to participate in friendlies in the recent FIFA break against Mexico and Bosnia-Herzegovina. A new US policy states that anyone traveling to Europe must quarantine in their country for 15 days before coming to the States after returning.

In response, Alajuelense issued a statement** noting that club officials are in Atlanta trying to resolve the issue.

The statement also notes that the team and players were required to accept the national team callups since it was an official FIFA competition window. It goes on to say that Concacaf scheduled the match this week despite knowing the potential for the issue and did not make a contingency to ensure Alajuelense could travel with its full team.

Furthermore, it states that players have had negative PCR Covid tests and still cannot travel due to the quarantine regulations. The letter ends by saying the team is hoping to find a solution to the issue which was beyond their control since neither the team, nor its players can decline a national team callup.

**Author’s note: this is a rough Spanish translation/paraphrase with my interesting gringo dialect, not a word for word interpretation of the statement.