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Atlanta United own fourth highest wage bill in MLS

It’s finally salary release time.

MLS: Concacaf Champions League-Philadelphia Union at Atlanta United FC Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that wonderfully awkward time of the season when the MLS Players Association releases salaries for every player in the league. For us amateur Technical Directors on the interwebz it’s always an interesting day to go through and see exactly how the Atlanta United technical staff has assembled the roster from a financial standpoint.

Atlanta United have the fourth highest overall wage bill in all of MLS, according to the MLSPA salary guide.

It should come as no surprise that the highest paid player for the Five Stripes is former MVP and Golden Boot winner Josef Martinez. His five-year contract extension, which he signed in early 2019, earns him a robust guaranteed yearly salary of $3.89 million. This figure makes him fifth highest paid player in MLS.

Perhaps way more surprising is who the team’s second highest guaranteed salary goes to. That distinction goes to non-Designated Player Jurgen Damm who rakes in $1.58 million in 2021. While it’s still early in his Atlanta United career, it’s clear that the production to compensation ratio leaves a lot to be desired in his case.

Brad Guzan holds the title of being the highest paid goalkeeper in MLS with a $805,000 salary this season. Dutch disappointment Kenneth Vermeer is comically the second highest paid behind Guzan at $750,000, while the extremely talented Andre Blake takes up third with $600,000.

Two interesting figures to look at are Marcelino Moreno and Alan Franco’s. Both players were tagged as DPs coming into the league. However, both boast relatively manageable salaries, leading one to believe that a DP spot could be opened up under the right circumstances.

Below is a table of every Atlanta United salary for 2021 sorted from highest guaranteed compensation to lowest.

Atlanta United 2021 Salaries

First Name Last Name Club Position(s) Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
First Name Last Name Club Position(s) Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Josef Martinez Atlanta United F $3,500,000.00 $3,891,667.00
Jurgen Damm Atlanta United M $1,290,000.00 $1,582,509.00
Ezequiel Barco Atlanta United M $1,425,000.00 $1,425,000.00
Fernando Meza Atlanta United D $975,000.00 $975,000.00
Emerson Hyndman Atlanta United M $900,000.00 $900,000.00
Brad Guzan Atlanta United GK $805,000.00 $805,000.00
Miles Robinson Atlanta United D $650,000.00 $687,500.00
Matheus Rossetto Atlanta United M $550,000.00 $662,500.00
Erik Lopez Samaniego Atlanta United F $340,000.00 $508,300.00
Alan Franco Atlanta United D $378,000.00 $505,500.00
Santiago Sosa Atlanta United M $385,000.00 $503,100.00
Franco Escobar Atlanta United D $450,000.00 $450,000.00
Marcelino Moreno Atlanta United M $400,000.00 $400,000.00
Brooks Lennon Atlanta United D $375,000.00 $375,000.00
Franco Ibarra Atlanta United D-M $300,000.00 $370,000.00
Jake Mulraney Atlanta United M $275,600.00 $312,777.00
Anton Walkes Atlanta United D $250,000.00 $275,062.00
Ronald Hernandez Atlanta United D $250,000.00 $250,000.00
Mohammed "Mo" Adams Atlanta United M $121,000.00 $141,000.00
George Bello Atlanta United D $135,000.00 $139,000.00
Alec Kann Atlanta United GK $115,000.00 $115,000.00
Jack Gurr Atlanta United M $95,000.00 $95,000.00
Ben Lundgaard Atlanta United GK $81,375.00 $81,375.00
Lisandro Lopez Atlanta United F $81,375.00 $81,375.00
Erick Torres Atlanta United F $81,375.00 $81,375.00
Mikey Ambrose Atlanta United D $81,375.00 $81,375.00
Alex De John Atlanta United D $81,375.00 $81,375.00
George Campbell Atlanta United D $80,000.00 $80,000.00
Tyler Wolff Atlanta United F-M $75,000.00 $79,500.00
Machop Chol Atlanta United M-F $63,547.00 $63,547.00
Jackson Conway Atlanta United F $63,547.00 $63,547.00
Josh Bauer Atlanta United D $63,547.00 $63,547.00
Efrain Morales Atlanta United D $63,547.00 $63,547.00