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Reacting to Atlanta United’s goalless snoozer in Mercedes-Benz Stadium | FIVE STRIPE FINAL

Hard truths after a long week

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Atlanta United FC Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta United played New York Red Bulls Sunday afternoon in a defeinitely less-than-full Mercedes-Benz Stadium to a 0-0 draw. And given the result and the way the game played out, it’s safe to say that anyone who opted to do anything else during the beautiful Sunday probably made the right decision.

There’s a lot to dive into on the podcast this week. Whether it’s the overall lack of goalscoring, the abundance of Cubo Torres we’ve seen, the general direction of the team as the season has progressed.... oh my god it’s getting too dark. But we do talk about that stuff though. And you can listen to it right here.

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