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Atlanta United Open Venting Thread

Sound off.

2018 MLS Cup - Portland Timbers v Atlanta United Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s 2:00 a.m. after Atlanta United’s eight straight match without a win. No matter how many ideas pop into my head about what to write about yet another horrendous performance, all that remains is the rage caused by the Josef Martinez vs. Gabriel Heinze feud. While Heinze claims Josef will “re-join” the team this coming week, we’re still left in the dark about what happened and what the path moving forward looks like.

Instead of writing a long rant about why Josef Martinez means an unquantifiable amount to both this club and city, I figured I’d just start this thread for you to voice your opinions on a lazy Sunday about anything you want. Besides we’ve already written several pieces on the situation and the massive troubles the club face this week.

Want to go on your own rant about the situation? Go for it. Want to tell us all why Heinze is right about everything? That is your prerogative, as well.

Feel free to give your thoughts on anything Atlanta United-related but please remember that we’re all here because we care about the club and to not get nasty towards one another. Now sound off.