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Player ratings from Atlanta United’s 0-3 loss to the Colorado Rapids

Well that was a letdown

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Colorado Rapids Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Player Ratings

GK Brad Guzan 4 - Didn’t do anything egregiously bad or anything, but also Colorado ended the night with 3 goals on 3 shots on target (meaning zero saves from Guzan). Obviously the result was not dependent on him.

RB Ronald Hernandez 5 - Hernandez was decent in possession and stepping into passing lanes to intercept and win the ball. But on the second goal in particular he was caught chasing Jonny Lewis back toward goal, leaving Franco exposed.

CB Alan Franco 3 - I mean, it’s not like Franco did a particularly good job on that though. Or the first goal, both situations being ones where you count on your central defender to be able to deal with those crosses. Franco was good in the late moments where he was able to roam and play the ball. But it wasn’t an encouraging performance.

CB Miles Robinson 4 - Miles was fine. Oh, except for the fact that he picked up a late red card. Yeah, that needless thing happened. So now George Campbell will be needed again on the back line next week. Let’s hope Atlanta gets some midfielders back.

LB Andrew Gutman 6 - Gutman’s performance was actually encouraging, one of the few “bright spots” (if that’s what you want to call it) from the game. He obviously wasn’t as sharp as he was in the season-opening win, but he still plays with a noticeable intensity and aggressiveness that the team needs.

CDM George Campbell 6 - Kudos to Campbell for stepping into a key role despite the fact that he did not train in the position in the lead-up according to his partner Amar Sejdic (Campbell has played in midfield before in his days as a youth player). He was far from perfect, but he offered a physical presence and wasn’t afraid to go forward.

CM Amar Sejdic 4 - Too many simple mistakes in possession. No doubt it was a more difficult game for Sejdic with the inexperienced Campbell next to him.

CM Matheus Rossetto 6 - Rossetto had some nice moments including a slaloming run into the box that ended with a deflected shot.

FW Brooks Lennon 4 - Ngl I barely noticed Lennon and am going to close my eyes and say 4. Someone tell me if that’s accurate.

FW Tyler Wolff 4 - Wolff’s activity was good, but he wasn’t sharp in possession. He picked up the ball in some really good areas, and that takes skill in itself. But the final ball/touch simply wasn’t there.

FW Josef Martinez 4 - A frustrating night for Martinez, who was really bracketed by Colorado’s defense all night. It’s hard to blame Josef all that much considering the lack of playmakers around him who could disrupt the vice grip Colorado had on him, but it’s not something to be concerned about long term.

SUB Marcelino Moreno 6 - Was a spark of life for Atlanta after he came on, but you could tell he is still far from fully fit and in rhythm. But his presence was most definitely felt.

SUB Caleb Wiley 5 - Nothing much to speak of here. The fact that he entered the game on the left wing when the team was chasing goals just goes to show how bare bones the squad is at the moment.

SUB Dom Dwyer NA