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Player Ratings from Atlanta United’s road loss to Inter Miami

Zero points, but impressive performances almost all around for the Five Stripes

Atlanta United FC v Inter Miami CF Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Before we get to the ratings themselves, I wanted to give a little overview of how to frame how I personally rate players. This is obviously a subjective measure, not just in terms of how we all perceive performances, but also in what the various numbers essentially mean. So here’s how I rate:

1 - Reserved for the moments where someone gets a red card or is at obvious fault for a vital goal after a minimal amount of game action.

2 - I’d rarely hand out a 2, but idk... A little bit better than a 1? A first half red card.

3 - A performance that imposes a substantial cost on the team, such as an individual error that leads to a goal.

4 - A performance in which a player makes minimal/no impact in a game and requires teammates to carry more water. A passenger.

5 - Not terrible, but also not really adding much value to the team. OR, a player who is so uninvolved, it’s hard to assign anything.


6 - A solid game. Someone who does more good than bad. The most common rating, typically.

7 - A very good performance in which the player made a tangible positive impact/goal contribution while also not doing any real harm throughout the game.

8 - An excellent performance. We are getting into more rare territory here where this will oftentimes be the best rating I give to anyone in the game.

9 - The kind of game where, when it’s over, you know immediately this player is going to have his own segment on Extra Time or in a Matt Doyle column. An obvious standout performance.

10- You might only see a 10 a few times a year from me. Reserved for hat tricks (good ones, not penalty ones), debut goals (Caleb Wiley the only recipient so far this season), and other special or landmark performances.

Player Ratings

GK Bobby Shuttleworth 5 - Hard to say anything about Shuttleworth’s performance one way or the other. He was 22/23 passing though which is great to see. Couldn’t have done much better on either goal.

LB Andrew Gutman 6 - A really nice game from Gutman, who played both inside at times during the building as well as getting forward and wide to combine with Caleb Wiley.

CB Miles Robinson 6 - Won both of his duels, but that stat alone tells you there wasn’t much for Robinson to do defensively. Thought his passing was sharper than we’ve seen his last couple matches.

CB George Campbell 3 - Some might see this as harsh, others not harsh enough. But he was at least partially at fault for the first goal and made two consecutive mistakes including playing a hospital ball that created Miami’s break for the second, which also in turn cost the team points. It happens.

RB Brooks Lennon 6 - My timeline was full of anger for Brooks and he did indeed miss the best chance of the game for Atlanta. But I thought he took up good positions and did his job relatively well. Maybe you can nitpick some of the decisions in his service, but he was solid.

CM Santiago Sosa 7 - The Argentine’s best game of the season without a doubt. 90% passing in midfield, connecting on 6/7 long balls that were typically played into danger areas on the flanks, 9 ball recoveries and 3 interceptions is about as good as one could ask for.

CM Amar Sejdic 6 - Sejdic was a little braver Sunday getting further forward and trying to play incisive balls with wither into the attack or to Atlanta’s attacking midfielders in the pockets. Only had two incomplete passes (96%).

LW Caleb Wiley 6 - Made things happen and wasn’t tentative to get on the ball and drive at DeAndre Yedlin. Wiley did a little bit of everything in this one and did his job well.

AM Marcelino Moreno 7 - Moved the ball quicker than we’ve seen previously, was successful on his dribbles (4/5), took four shots including two inside the box, and overall very involved and combining well with Thiago Almada.

AM Thiago Almada 7 - Like Moreno, the stats are great. 5 shots, 4/4 on dribbles, 91 percent passing in an attacking role, never fouled (though he really should’ve been awarded one on the edge of the box early on) and even had 5 ball recoveries.

ST Ronaldo Cisneros 7 - Great energy, got 5 shots inside the box including one that found the back of the net. He didn’t get on the ball a ton, but in this system, he won’t. His work off the ball to pressure Miami’s back line was tremendous and much needed.

SUB Luiz Araujo 5 - Looking at the stats, there’s nothing particularly bad. But I just felt that when he came on, Atlanta lost a little bit of the rhythm and fluidity they had in the opening hour. Maybe’s that’s not Luiz’s fault per se and more tactical. But I think everyone was expecting him to make something happen and never found a great opportunity to do so.

No ratings for Emerson Hyndman, Jake Mulraney, and Jackson Conway.