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Atlanta United 2-2 FC Cincinnati: Recap, Rate and React

Your reactions as Atlanta United keeps its heads above the water with a road draw

MLS: Atlanta United FC at FC Cincinnati Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Final Whistle Recap and Thoughts

  • It may not have been the best of results for Atlanta United given the way they played — particularly in the first half — but road draws aren’t the worst thing in the world. The team is going to have to eventually win a road game or two down the stretch of the season, and it’s unfortunate the opportunity in Cincinnati wasn’t taken Saturday night.
  • As for the performance though, it was the most attacking, dynamic, threatenign and fun attack we’ve seen out of this team perhaps all season. The single pivot midfield with Santiago Sosa at the base proved valuable and dangerous. Andrew Gutman playing as a left sided center back was an interesting wrinkle that paid off in the end.
  • Take a bow Thiago Almada. On top of an amazing first half goal that will be a Goal of the Week favorite, he hardly put a foot wrong all night playing in a slightly deeper role. Perhaps “deep” is not the exact right word, but he had many more responsibilities in build-up and he performed them with aplomb.
  • Andrew Gutman ultimately saves the point with another late goal, but at what cost? He immediately left the filed and seemed to have some discomfort or frustration with his left leg. It’s the same leg that kept him out for months this summer with a left quadriceps tendon strain. Pray.

Instead of giving you our full player ratings now, we’ll get your reactions first. Below is a ratings form for you to fill out with how you rate each Atlanta United player’s performance. Feel free to head down to the comments section and leave your thoughts on the match as a whole or give your detailed explanation of your ratings. You can view the results by clicking to see previous responses after voting. Our ratings will be out shortly.

Here’s a mobile-friendly link to the ballot. The in-post ballot only works on desktop due to issues out of my control.