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Atlanta United 1-2 Portland Timbers: Recap, Rate and React

Your reactions to a loss that feels like the nail in the coffin of Atlanta United’s season.

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Portland Timbers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Final Whistle Recap and Thoughts

  • I am broken, I am empty. My heart has turned to stone. I’ve been trying to give some postgame thoughts here throughout the season, and today is the day where I go to pull something out of me to write about the match and there’s nothing there. There was nothing inspirational about this game — a game that practically seals Atlanta United’s fate this season.
  • That’s not to say there wasn’t effort from the players or that the team feels the same. I know with certainty that this season and especially matches like these eat Gonzalo Pineda and his staff alive. But ultimately, there’s nothing there for fans to latch onto with this team, and honestly there hasn’t been for the majority of this season.
  • I could say something here about Raul Gudiño finally getting a start. But why? He likely won’t be here next season (the contract reportedly ends this offseason with an option to extend). Maybe the worst news of all is that there are five more games we’ll have to suffer through before we can finally see this club start to fix itself (God willing) this offseason.

Instead of giving you our full player ratings now, we’ll get your reactions first. Below is a ratings form for you to fill out with how you rate each Atlanta United player’s performance. Feel free to head down to the comments section and leave your thoughts on the match as a whole or give your detailed explanation of your ratings. You can view the results by clicking to see previous responses after voting. Our ratings will be out shortly.

Here’s a mobile-friendly link to the ballot. The in-post ballot only works on desktop due to issues out of my control.