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Introducing Scarves and Spikes, the newest Atlanta United podcast

Join Tyler, Tommy, and Sydney live or after the fact as they delve into Atlanta United news every week

Scarves and Spikes

Time for a bit of off-season news of our own!

Atlanta United has the best fans in the world, and so many of them love to call Dirty South Soccer one of their premier destinations for club news and opinion. It’s flattering, as we all aim to bring great articles and content on a regular basis and without your support, well... that’d be tough to accomplish.

Over the course of the past year, Tommy Moos, Sydney Hunte, and I (Tyler Pilgrim) have been - almost religiously and, at times to our own sleep detriment - delivering the DSS post-match and “emergency” Twitter Spaces shows to listeners, and we’ve been fortunate enough to have an audience from all over: England, Scotland, Ireland, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, North America, and of course, right here in the home of the Kings of the South. That won’t be changing at all, but we wanted to provide another way for supporters to intake their vital Five Stripes content throughout the year and evolve the successful Spaces shows, and what better way to do that than via a live podcast?

Thus, Scarves and Spikes was born, and the first episode just went live! The show is a weekly podcast that can be viewed live (or later) on Youtube, Twitch, or Twitter, and if you can’t catch us live, you can listen to the audio after the fact via your favorite pod-catcher on the Dirty South Soccer feed.

This first episode dove into the smorgasbord of Atlanta United news that’s been breaking over the past couple of weeks, so it’s a great opportunity to get caught up alongside our articles here on Dirty South Soccer. Be sure to subscribe over on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch as well, and join in on the conversations every week via the chat options on each platform (minus Twitter).

You can view the show on Youtube here, follow us via the links, and listen down below. Y’all are simply awesome.

Scarves and Spikes on Youtube

Scarves and Spikes on Twitch

Scarves and Spikes on Twitter