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Charlotte FC 0-3 Atlanta United: Final Score Thoughts, Rate and React

Your reactions to Atlanta United’s convincing win away to Charlotte FC.

Atlanta United v Charlotte FC Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

Final Whistle Quick Thoughts

  • Now that’s more like it. It comes as no coincidence that Atlanta United looked substantially better in attack as soon as they faced a team willing to come out of their shell. The Five Stripes’ press and counter-attack completely overwhelmed Charlotte and was a joy to watch.
  • Caleb Wiley had the best performance of his young career with two goals and assist along with stellar defensive awareness when needed. Not only was his contributions felt on the score sheet he just had an overall great match with nothing but confident touches from the opening whistle.
  • Franco Ibarra served up his third consecutive good performance and has seemingly locked down the defensive midfielder position in the starting lineup.
  • Overall, it was a complete performance and extremely fun to watch. For a team that won two away matches in all of 2022 to win in its first attempt in 2023 is a huge boost of confidence for the whole group.

Instead of giving you our full player ratings now, we’ll get your reactions first. Below is a ratings form for you to fill out with how you rate each Atlanta United player’s performance. Feel free to head down to the comments section and leave your thoughts on the match as a whole or give your detailed explanation of your ratings. You can view the results by clicking to see previous responses after voting. Our ratings will be out shortly.

Here’s a mobile-friendly link to the ballot. The in-post ballot only works on desktop due to issues out of my control.