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Atlanta United prep for the Timbers, Ryan Clarke of the Oregonian Visits Scarves and Spikes

Great insight from Ryan, match prep for the weekend, and navigating through all the weekly news.

Atlanta United welcomes the Timbers. Scarves and Spikes with Ryan Clarke

Atlanta United fans will be all too familiar with the concept of debilitating injuries keeping a team from reaching its true potential. And yes, that’s a bit of a trigger around here.

The Portland Timbers have somehow boarded the same boat that Atlanta United did in 2022, and their injury list keeps growing. Ryan Clarke of the Oregonian paid the Scarves and Spikes guys a visit Wednesday evening to chat about the matchup, how coach Gio Savarese is handling the early injury crisis, and what Atlanta fans can expect out of the Timbers when they come to town this weekend. His insight into the team (and the Thorns) is superb, so go give the show a listen if you haven’t already!

The guys also recapped the smorgasbord of news from the week, including the new signings, the various awards received (Caleb Wiley anyone), and the info about Atlanta United 2 and MLS Next Pro. They also hit on updates from the training ground, Tyler revealed his Irish descent, and Sydney revealed his lack thereof.

Oh, and the guest for next week was dropped a bit early.

DJ EU will be hopping on March 22nd to chat about his new partnership with the Five Stripes, his involvement in the entertainment at the Benz, and plenty more!

You can catch the whole episode via the links below, as usual, and just the segment with Ryan here.

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