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Atlanta United’s DJ EU Chats With Scarves and Spikes, Plus Our Columbus Crew Preview

You’re REALLY going to want to check this one out. Great fun and great insight with Atlanta United’s very own DJ!

DJ EU on with Scarves and Spikes!

I’ll just say it now, I could write one heck of an article from the chat we had with DJ EU last night. This is why we truly enjoy bringing Atlanta guests like EU, Kevin Egan, Andrew Gutman, and plenty of others on the show because it’s our way of connecting the dots between the fanbase and the people who help make this club such a massive force in the North American soccer landscape. Much of that big club energy is owed to the 17’s and the matchday atmosphere Atlanta United offers...there’s a reason why so many players want to come to the Deep South to play. This episode struck the right chord in so many ways.

DJ EU is one of those folks who has been there since the very beginning, as a Founding Member no less, and the story of how he got involved with Atlanta United is truly fascinating. From winning the Red Bull Thre3Style DJ Atlanta qualifier in 2013, to the first Five Stripe kit reveal at the Tabernacle, to hammering the Golden Spike at the Campeones Cup against Club America, to being a full-time feature involved in the matchday vibes, he’s been around the block. If you’ve been to the Benz at any point in the last seven years, you’ve heard the music and life he brings to each Five Stripes’ home match.

He spent Wednesday evening chatting with the Scarves and Spikes crew about his new involvement with the club, his favorite Atlanta United moment, the production behind the laser show at the AmFam Cup, the relationships he’s developed over the years with all the players as they’ve come through, and so much more.

It was a must-see, must-listen episode as he recounted various moments in the Five Stripes’ short history from his point of view, and it offered a very unique look into the club from the other side of the DJ booth. For example, if the below tweet doesn’t give you some inspiration - knowing everything that’s happened since 2017 - I’m not sure how to help you feel good feelings.

As if that wasn’t enough, there was an actual show, too! The guys recapped the 5-1 win over Portland, checked off all the Atlanta United news from the week, gave some insight into this weekend’s match vs Columbus, and gave their predictions for the Downpour Derby. Who knows, maybe the weather will behave in Ohio this time. Check it all out below!

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