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Brad Guzan out 10-12 weeks with torn MCL suffered against NYCFC

Atlanta United faces a familiar situation without their captain and first choice goalkeeper.

Goalkeeper Brad Guzan (1) of Atlanta United dramatic saves... Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Brad Guzan is slated to miss 10-12 weeks with a torn MCL that occurred in the first half of Atlanta United’s 1-1 draw with NYCFC Saturday night, according to a report by the AJC’s Doug Roberson. The veteran goalkeeper who returned this season from an Achilles tear suffered last year played through the majority of the game with the injury.

Here’s footage of the tackle where Guzan was injured in the 17th minute.

Gonzalo Pineda was incensed after the game with the refereeing, saying (in as many words) that they failed in their obligation to protect players on the field.

“It is a result that is fair. I am annoyed at the way that the referees managed the game. It has been many times that it has gone against us this season.

“I’m very upset with the way Drew [Fischer] carried on with the game. It was the second time that they [NYCFC] went at the knee of Brad Guzan without a punishment. I am very upset with that and I told him [Drew Fischer] that. Again, we need to earn respect from the Referees and the League. We need to win more games and we need to win more trophies because we don’t have the respect. I am very very upset with the way they [referees] managed the game. The ten minutes was not accurate. The yellow card on Geogios Giakoumakis, I think, compared to the tackle on Brad [Guzan] is nothing. I am very upset with that. It’s those little things, when you play away against a very good team and a very good coach is not easy. I am very happy with the effort, with the passion that my team showed today. We need more performances like this to earn more respect from the referees.

“I saw the tackle on Brad Guzan and just believe that it is unbelievable that it was not even a yellow card. To me, it was a bad call. It was the second time in a row that they went against Brad [Guzan] that way. I need to take care of my players because the referees are not doing that with my players but with the others, they are.”

It’s worth noting that while Pineda would not have known the extent of Guzan’s diagnosis at the time of speaking to the media, he was certainly aware that it was a more serious situation than any outside observer could have known.

Atlanta United now faces a familiar situation without their first choice goalkeeper and team captain. They appear to be better equipped than they were last year after the signings of Quentin Westberg and Clement Diop, both of whom have MLS experience. Westberg started 74 games for Toronto FC in four years prior to signing with Atlanta.