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Atlanta United 1-2 Memphis 901: Final Score Thoughts, Rate and React

React to the match and rate the players’ performances.

Bee Trofort-Wilson/Atlanta Unite

Final Whistle Quick Thoughts

  • Well that was yikes. After Tyler Wolff’s early goal, Memphis totally controlled the game. They possessed the ball, they hit Atlanta on the break, and Pineda’s side was sloppy and lethargic just as they were a few days ago. Memphis racked up more than twice as many shots as Atlanta. Any other result would’ve been criminal.
  • The one individual who can hold his head high is goalkeeper Clement Diop, who honestly looks like Atlanta’s best goalkeeper straight up. If Brad Guzan had played in this game, Memphis probably scores in the first half.
  • Overall this is just an extremely concerning performance to see. Whether it’s injuries or tactics or something else, this team looks like a shell of what they’ve been in the early weeks of the season. They’ll need to snap out of it soon with a difficult portion of the schedule upcoming.
  • Oh, and also, the team gave up another late goal that caused this whole thing to go on for an additional 30 minutes, only worsening any fatigue issues that may be present in the side.

Instead of giving you our full player ratings now, we’ll get your reactions first. Below is a ratings form for you to fill out with how you rate each Atlanta United player’s performance. Feel free to head down to the comments section and leave your thoughts on the match as a whole or give your detailed explanation of your ratings. You can view the results by clicking to see previous responses after voting. Our ratings will be out shortly.

Here’s a mobile-friendly link to the ballot. The in-post ballot only works on desktop due to issues out of my control.