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Scarves and Spikes Nashville Preview with MLS Announcer Jake Zivin

Jake Zivin of Apple TV/MLS joined the guys Thursday to dive into Atlanta vs Nashville

But can they do it on a cold, rainy (wet) night in Kennesaw? Not particularly.

Atlanta United unfortunately couldn’t manage their opening round of the U.S. Open Cup on Wednesday at a venue where they’ve had a history of winning every single match, and Fifth-Third Bank Stadium ultimately fell to Stephen Glass’ Memphis 901.

Tyler and Sydney returned for the second of two Scarves and Spikes episodes during this busy Atlanta United match week to discuss the tough performance in Kennesaw before pivoting to preview the upcoming trip to Nashville. Jake Zivin, Apple TV and MLS broadcaster partnered alongside Taylor Twellman, joined the show to discuss the fledgling derby between the two southeast rivals. The guys discussed the designated player situation, the growth of MLS, and how each team can unlock the other as Saturday approaches.

Also, Nashville spicy fried chicken is on the menu, and everyone had their own opinion on the best places to visit if you’re heading to Nashville. Just don’t let it take you by surprise.

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