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MLS Announcer Mark Followill Joins Scarves and Spikes to Chat About Atlanta United’s Must-Win Match

Outstanding insight (and great drink preferences) from Mark as the midweek match approaches

It was a short week and Atlanta United is right back to the Benz after a 3-1 trouncing by Charlotte FC on Saturday night. The Scarves and Spikes crew, minus Tommy, were joined Tuesday by MLS play-by-play announcer and voice of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Followill, to chat about how the Five Stripes can potentially get back on track against the Colorado Rapids.

Mark pointed out the outsider’s perspective, noting that a four game skid in MLS in May isn’t the end of the world, and gave plenty of views on some of the matchups he’s keeping an eye on. The insight was outstanding, and Tyler and Mark may have also developed a mutual understanding on each other’s drink preferences.

Tommy remains unheard from since his attendance at a Blink-182 concert.

Give it a listen via the links below before the Five Stripes kick off against Colorado tonight at 7:30!

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