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Atlanta Soccer History

The history of Atlanta soccer

The first soccer game at Grant Field

Soccer has been played there before Atlanta United takes the field in March

Top 5 Soccer Moments from the Georgia Dome

How many of these did you attend?

OTD: The most important hire in Atlanta soccer history was made

Phil Woosnam was responsible for planting the seeds that are flourishing now

Pro Soccer in Atlanta was born 50 years ago today

The story behind it all

Raising a Ruckus: The Fall from the Summit

The story of how the Atlanta Ruckus fell back down to earth

When Atlanta was on top of the soccer world...

The story of how the Atlanta Chiefs became a powerhouse

Raising a Ruckus (Part 3)

The Ruckus aim for postseason play

Raising a Ruckus (Part 2)

The Ruckus in the A-League.

Raising a Ruckus (Part 1)

The Death of Atlanta's inaugural MLS bid

The Birth of Soccer in Atlanta

A detailed timeline of the origins of Atlanta soccer